33rd EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, 19 - 23 June 2006
Europhysics Conference Abstracts Vol. 30I (2006)

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Session O2 (oral)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
O2.001 N.Oyama Enhanced ELMy H-mode performance with reduced toroidal field ripple in JT-60U
O2.002 J.Menard Observation of MHD-induced Current Redistribution in NSTX
O2.003 G.Matsunaga Stabilization Effects of Wall and Plasma Rotation on Resistive Wall Mode in JT-60U
O2.004 T.Puetterich Investigations on Tungsten Walls at ASDEX Upgrade
O2.005 E.Marmar Operation of Alcator C-Mod with High-Z Plasma Facing Components With and Without Boronization
O2.006 H.Meyer Active control of the H-mode transition on MAST
O2.007 K.-U.Amthor Quasi monoenergetic proton beams from a laser plasma accelerator using microstructured, polymer coated targets
O2.008 T.Toncian Ultrafast Laser Driven Micro-Lens to Focus and Energy Select MeV Protons
O2.012 S.A.Medin X-ray and Ion Debris Impact on the First Wetted Wall of IFE Reactor
O2.013 M.Brambilla Numerical Simulation of Ion Cyclotron Heating in Toroidal Plasmas
O2.014 J.Decker On Self-consistent Simulation of the Lower Hybrid Current Drive
O2.015 V.Vdovin electron cyclotron heating modelling in tokamaks with 3D full wave code
O2.016 S.V.Annibaldi Excitation of Beta induced Alfvèn Eigenmodes in the presence of a magnetic island
O2.017 T.Kurki-Suonio Fusion Alpha Performance in Advanced Scenario Plasmas based on Reversed Central Magnetic Shear
O2.019 A.V.Gavrikov Investigation of the Interaction Potential and
O2.020 C.Castaldo Screening and attraction of dust particles in plasmas
O2.022 A.Samarian Self-Organized Non-Extensive Structures in Complex Plasmas
O2.023 X.G.Adamovich Typical frequency of the macroparticle oscillation in quasi-2D dusty systems and estimation of some dusty plasma parameters
O2.024 A.B.Kukushkin A Model of Magnetic Aggregation of Nanodust in Electric Discharges

Session O3 (Oral)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
O3.001 A.Bottino Global nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations of ETG turbulence using particles
O3.002 J.W.Connor Trapped Electron Mode Stability in Regions of Steep Gradients
O3.003 U.Stroth Recent studies on turbulent transport in the torsatron TJ-K
O3.004 Y.Idomura Conservative gyrokinetic Vlasov simulation using Morinishi scheme
O3.005 M.Maslov Density peaking in TCV and JET H-modes
O3.009 M.Borghesi High-intensity laser-plasma interaction with underdense plasmas channel evolution and late-time ion dynamics
O3.010 M.M.Basko Test ion acceleration in the field of expanding planar electron cloud
O3.013 VladimirI.Tereshin Experimental study of plasma-surface interaction under heat loads expected for ITER transient events
O3.014 S.Jachmich First Mach probe measurents of rotation, electric field and particle transport in the DED-ergodized edge plasma of TEXTOR
O3.015 T.Intrator High Pressure Field Reversed Configuration with Anomalous Resistivity
O3.016 V.Yu.Sergeev Two-dimensional multi-spectral line measurements during impurity pellet ablation in LHD
O3.017 A.V.Melnikov Heavy Ion Beam Probe investigations of plasma potential in ECRH and NBI in the TJ-II Stellarator
O3.018 D.Mazon New real-time profile controls for steady state operation on Tore Supra
O3.019 F. Califano Nonlinear collisionless plasma dynamics the role of small scales and particle correlations
O3.020 J.Lazarus Laboratory Studies of Colliding Blast Waves Produced in High-Intensity Laser-Cluster Interactions

Session O4 (oral)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
O4.005 A.Schiavi High-resolution 2D simulations of deceleration phase RTI in the nonlinear regime.
O4.007 N.M.Naumova Efficient attosecond phenomena in the relativistic regime
O4.008 E.Dattolo Radiative jet experiment on the LIL facility
O4.009 J.J.Honrubia Fast electron energy deposition in inertial fusion capsules
O4.010 J.D.Martin Modelling dust grain trajectories in MAST and ITER using plasma backgrounds from B2SOLPS5.0
O4.011 J.Ränsch Light scattering by elongated clusters of a-C H nanoparticles
O4.012 F.Consoli Optimization of high efficiency and high intensity ECR and Microwave Discharge Ion Sources
O4.013 I.Ganachev Plasma modelling by commercially available fluid flow and electromagnetic simulators for plasma processing
O4.014 M.Capitelli Multicomponent Diffusion Coefficients of Atomic Hydrogen Plasma Effects of Electronic Excited States and Magnetic Field
O4.017 B.Coppi Incentives for and Developments of the Accretion Theory of Spontaneous Rotation
O4.020 S.L.McConville Investigation of auroral kilometric radiation emission processes by numerical and scaled laboratory simulations
O4.021 J.P.Goedbloed Connection of interchange instabilities in tokamaks and Parker instabilities in spiral arms of galaxies

Session O5 (oral)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
O5.001 A.Chernenko Study on fast Z-pinches at the S-300 machine aimed at the IFE
O5.003 B.M.Annaratone A new diagnostic to characterize a plasma crystal
O5.004 S-H.Hong In-situ Rayleigh-Mie scattering ellipsometry on a-C H nanoparticles on their growth, internal structure and astrophysical meaning
O5.005 S.Ratynskaia Transport in strongly coupled 2D complex plasmas Role of the interaction potential
O5.007 E.Kovacevic The Search for Interstellar Dust in Laboratory Plasmas
O5.009 S.Servidio Numerical simulation of small-scale fluctuations in space plasmas. Compressible turbulence in Hall Magnetohydrodynamics

Session P1 (Poster)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
P1.001 S.Atzeni Target studies for laser-driven fast ignition demonstration
P1.002 R.Ramis Numerical Simulation of Imploding Cylindrical Laser-Targets
P1.005 V.T.Tikhonchuk Two-dimensional particle-in-cell simulations of plasma cavitation at non-relativistic laser intensities
P1.006 C.Boudesocque-Dubois Self-similar solutions of unsteady ablation flow
P1.007 G.I.Dolgachev Power delivery to the liner load in the Baikal generator for ICF experiments
P1.009 A.Kasperczuk Plasma jets generation by means of interaction of defocused laser beam with metallic targets of different mass density
P1.011 G.D.Tsakiris The plasma medium as a source for intense attosecond pulses
P1.012 P.A.Norreys Fast Electron Transport Measurements on the Vulcan PW Laser Facility
P1.013 H.Sakagami Holistic Simulations for Fast Ignition with Cone-Guided Targets
P1.015 M.Sherlock Return Currents in Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions A Fokker-Planck Approach
P1.016 T.Johzaki Integrated Simulations for Imploded Core Heating in Fast Ignition
P1.017 H.Kuroda Anomalous Single Harmonic Generation due to Strong Resonance in Extreme Ultraviolet Region
P1.019 D.Ursescu Absorption Characteristics in Non-normal Incidence Pumped X-Ray Lasers
P1.022 T.Ceccotti Fast protons emission from thin foils irradiated by ultra-sharp and intense laser pulses
P1.025 A.Macchi Ponderomotive ion acceleration in underdense and overdense plasmas
P1.029 A.P.L.Robinson Kinetic Simulation of Proton Acceleration from Ultra-thin foils
P1.030 J.Krasa Time-of-flight spectroscopy of ion currents emitted by laser produced plasmas
P1.031 J.Koga Radiation reaction effects in ultrahigh irradiance laser pulse interactions with multiple electrons
P1.032 V.A.Gribkov Physics of High Energy Density with Use of Penetrating Radiation Examples Based on Dense Plasma Focus Experiments
P1.034 P.Renaudin Equation of state data and electrical resistivity of hot expanded Al-Au mixture
P1.035 S.Laulan Ion microfield distributions for strongly coupled Yukawa fluid combining VMHNC and APEX methods
P1.036 S.Yu.Gus'kov Numerical models and scaling laws for MHD and radiation processes in X-pinch 1102
P1.044 S.H.Müller Real-space statistical characterization of turbulence and transport in the TORPEX experiment
P1.046 Y.Saitou Plasma Flow in a Linear Magnetized Plasma
P1.047 E.Anabitarte Study of the universality of the probability density function of turbulent fluctuations and fluxes in a linear plasma machine
P1.049 O.Waldmann Spontaneous generation of suprathermal electron beams in a stationary magnetic arc discharge
P1.051 A.J.Brizard Relativistic quasilinear diffusion in axisymmetric magnetic geometry
P1.053 O.Agren Four motional invariants in adiabatic equilibria
P1.054 M.Shoucri Numerical solution of a reduced model for collisionless magnetic reconnection
P1.055 R.Sugaya Cross-Field Plasma Acceleration and Potential Formation Induced by Electromagnetic Waves in a Relativistic Magnetized Plasma
P1.056 R.Sugaya Fluctuation-Induced Cross-Field Electron Transport and Dynamo Effect Accompanied by Turbulent Diffusion in an Electron Beam-Plasma System
P1.057 O.Agullo Role of the electrostatic field in alpha 2 dynamo
P1.059 Z.Osmanov Linear analysis of the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability for relativistic magnetohydrodynamics
P1.063 J.Vranjes Kinetic Alfven wave in plasma with inelastic collisions
P1.064 V.P.Budaev Intermittency in laboratory and space plasmas comparative study of multifractal statistics
P1.065 A.Cardinali Modeling and analysis of the ICRH heating experiments in JET ITB regimes
P1.066 V.Yavorskij Toroidal Field Ripple Induced Loss of Neutral Beam Injection Ions in JET
P1.067 V.Petrzilka SOL ionization by the lower hybrid wave during gas puffing
P1.068 D.Alves MSE diagnostic signal processing using software Phase Locked Loop and Empirical Mode Decomposition
P1.069 D.Moreau Identification of the dynamic plasma response for integrated profile control in advanced scenarios on JET
P1.071 E.AnderssonSunden Neutron emission spectroscopy diagnosis of JET D plasmas with the new MPRu instrument
P1.072 F.G.Rimini High beta poloidal experiments at high triangularity in JET
P1.073 F.P.Orsitto Modelling of Polarimetric measurements at JET
P1.076 j.JuulRasmussen Turbulence spreading transport simulations of JET plasmas
P1.077 V.G.Kiptily Advanced Data Acquisition System for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry in JET
P1.078 I.Voitsekhovitch Energy, particle and momentum transport in JET H-mode plasmas and Hybrid Scenarios
P1.079 I.Voitsekhovitch Monte-Carlo and Fokker-Planck simulations of Neutral Beam Injection on the JET tokamak
P1.080 J.Loennroth Modelling of effects of ripple-induced thermal ion losses on JET and JT-60U H-mode plasmas
P1.083 K.M.Rantamaeki Plasma Rotation and Momentum Transport Studies at JET
P1.087 M.Weiszflog First results from the new TOFOR Neutron Spectrometer
P1.088 T.Johnson Numerical Modelling of Ripple Induced Transport
P1.089 T.J.Johnson Simulation of Deuteron Tails Produced by Close Collisions with ICRH Accelerated He3 Ions in JET
P1.090 P.Mantica Scaling of density peaking in ELMy H-mode plasmas based on a combined database of AUG and JET observations
P1.091 P.Mantica Heat wave propagation in JET ITB plasmas
P1.092 P.Sandquist Relativistic Electron Distribution Function of a Plasma in a Near-Critical Electric Field
P1.094 N.Savenko Two-fluid equilibria of rapidly-rotating spherical tokamak plasma
P1.095 P.Micozzi Status and perspectives of MAST start-up in the absence of solenoid flux
P1.096 R.Scannell ELM filament studies using the edge Thomson scattering diagnostic on MAST
P1.097 M.Wisse Momentum transport in the MAST spherical tokamak
P1.098 A.R.Field Comparison of internal transport barrier evolution in MAST spherical tokamak plasmas with co- and counter-NBI heating
P1.099 M.R.Tournianski Off axis neutral beam heating and current drive on MAST
P1.101 G.P.Maddison Interpretative analysis of particle confinement time on MAST
P1.102 B.Hnat Characterisation of edge turbulence in L-mode plasmas in the Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak
P1.103 V.Fuchs Modelling of plasma performance on COMPASS-D tokamak in the presence of NBI and LHCD
P1.106 A.M.Popov Effect of plasma rotation on neoclassical tearing modes in ITER
P1.109 G.Gorini High-energy fuel ion diagnostics on ITER derived from NES measurement on JET DT plasmas
P1.110 G.Janeschitz Simulation of DEMO Core Operation consistent with Divertor Constraints
P1.111 E.Hollmann Beryllium-containing Mixed Material PMI Studies on PISCES-B
P1.112 G.Tardini ITER performance of scaled ASDEX Upgrade discharges
P1.113 G.V.Pereverzev Transport Modelling of a Fusion Power Plant DEMO
P1.114 H.Lütjens Full MHD simulations of multiple NTM's in ITER like plasmas
P1.115 H.Sakakita Irradiation Experiments of Extremely High-Power-Density Helium Ion Beams to Plasma Facing Candidate Materials in ITER
P1.116 K.Yu.Vukolov Heating effect on deposition of hydrocarbon film and characteristics of metallic mirrors in ITER relevant conditions
P1.117 M.Laxåback Evaluation of ITER magnetic shear control possibilities using MICCD
P1.118 M.Schneider Interaction between fusion-born alpha particles and Lower Hybrid waves including magnetic field ripple and anomalous transport effects in ITER
P1.119 M.Cecconello Radiation-hard ceramic materials for Diagnostic and Heating and Current Drive systems for ITER
P1.120 O.Zolotukhin Simulations of ITER Plasma Limiter Start-Up Conditions
P1.121 P.B.Parks A High-Velocity Microwave-Powered Pellet Launcher for ITER
P1.122 R.Cesario Modelling of Experiments with ITER-relevant Q-profile Control at High N By Means of the Lower Hybrid Current Drive
P1.123 S.Kiyama Production of Helium-Hydrogen Positive Ion Beams for the Alpha Particle Measurement in ITER
P1.124 S.V.Konovalov Parametric study of NTM in ITER inductive scenario
P1.125 V.Basiuk Modeling of an advanced scenario on ITER with CRONOS
P1.126 V.E.Lukash Study of plasma Initiation in ITER with use of 2D breakdown Model
P1.128 V.Kotov Numerical simulation of radiation opacity effects in divertor plasma of large scale tokamak devices
P1.133 D.Rapisarda A Study of Ion Heating By Means of Spectroscopic Techniques In the TJ-II Stellarator
P1.134 V.I.Vargas Dependencies of electron heat diffusion in TJ-II ECRH plasmas
P1.135 F.Castejón Ion kinetic transport in presence of collisions and electric field in TJ-II ECRH plasmas.
P1.136 F.L.Tabarés First EIRENE modelling of a He plasma. Simulation of emission profiles in a TJ-II ECRH plasma
P1.137 J.M.Carmona First results from the new diagnostic neutral beam injector and charge-exchange diagnostic system on the TJ-II stellarator
P1.138 L.Krupnik Characterization of the quasi-coherent oscillations by HIBP diagnostic in the TJ-II stellarator
P1.139 M.A.Pedrosa On the time scales and statistical properties of turbulence during ExB sheared flow development in the TJ-II stellarator
P1.140 T.Estrada Influence of low order rational magnetic surfaces on electron internal transport barriers in the stellarator TJ-II
P1.141 P.Balan Emissive Probe Measurements on ISTTOK
P1.142 C.Silva Importance of sheared ExB flows on the control of the ISTTOK turbulent transport
P1.143 B.Labit Local statistical properties of electrostatic fluctuations in the TORPEX experiment
P1.145 V.Piffl Carbon transport in TCV
P1.146 S.Yu.Medvedev Edge Stability of TCV Plasma
P1.148 G.Turri Towards q-profile reconstruction through fast-MHD analysis on TCV
P1.149 Ch.Schlatter Conditions for anomalous energy and momentum transfer from electrons to ions in ECCD discharges on TCV
P1.150 C.Zucca Studies of electron transport and current diffusion in Switched ECCD experiments in TCV
P1.151 A.Scarabosio Comparison of MHD-mode and Plasma Rotation Frequencies in TCV Ohmic and ECH Discharges
P1.152 A.N.Karpushov Non-Maxwellian Ion Energy Distribution in the ECH-heated plasma on the TCV
P1.153 A.Mueck Electron Bernstein Wave Heating and Emission in the TCV Tokamak
P1.154 A.Bortolon Spontaneous plasma rotation in limited and diverted TCV ohmic discharges
P1.162 A.Alekseyev Fiber-optic sensor for monitoring of liquid Li limiter surface temperature
P1.163 A.V.Zvonkov Geometrical properties of plasma equilibrium near fixed magnetic surface
P1.164 L.Chacón A fully implicit extended MHD algorithm
P1.167 A.A.Martynov Axisymmetric Mode Stability in Tokamaks with Reversed Current Density
P1.168 K.Rypdal A three-dimensional dynamical systems model for profile resilience and anomalous cross-field transport
P1.169 A.B.Kukushkin Parameterization of Radial Profile of Electron Cyclotron Radiation Power Loss in Fusion Reactor-Grade Tokamaks
P1.170 S.Anan'ev Experimental Study on the Plasma Dynamics in the Magnetically Insulated Transporting Lines Aimed at the Conceptual Project of Z-Pinch IFE Reactor
P1.171 V.A.Pisarev Experimental investigation of the UHR nonlinear wave phenomena
P1.172 T.T.Ribeiro Drift wave turbulence studies on the effect of limiter/divertor plates positioning
P1.174 O.S.Keating Ballooning stability of internal transport barriers
P1.175 P.A.Bagryansky Influence of radial electric field on high-beta plasma confinement in the gas dynamic trap
P1.176 N.V.Ivanov NTM Seed Island Formation by Error Field in Rotating Plasma
P1.177 C.Wahlberg Shaping effects on the ideal 1, 1 mode in low-shear tokamaks
P1.178 V.E.Lukash Development and inclusion of Iron Model into evolution codes
P1.179 M.Z.Tokar Numerical solution of continuity equation with a flux non-linearly depending on density gradient
P1.180 M.Leconte Turbulence amplitude reduction as the main effect of a shear flow
P1.182 T.Fülöp Destabilization of magnetosonic-whistler waves by a relativistic runaway beam
P1.183 P.Helander Tokamak current driven by poloidally asymmetric fuelling
P1.184 R.Coelho Non-linear growth of marginally unstable tearing modes
P1.185 G.Sonnino Nonlinear Transport Equations for Tokamak Plasmas in the Classical and in the Pfirsch-Schlueter Regimes
P1.186 M.G.Shats Self-organization in plasma and 2D fluid turbulence
P1.187 H.Nordman The Role of Magnetic Shear for Zonal Flow Generation and Transport Barriers
P1.188 M.Gobbin MonteCarlo modeling of test particles transport in helical reversed field pinch configurations
P1.189 M.C.R.Andrade Scaling of Bootstrap Current in the Framework of a Self-Consistent Equilibrium Calculation
P1.190 G.Breyiannis Lattice kinetic schemes in toroidal geometry
P1.191 V.P.Pastukhov Non-diffusive transport caused by low-frequency vortex-like turbulence in magnetized plasmas with sheared flows.
P1.192 K.Schoepf The role of TF ripple and MHD-mode synergy in fast ion confinement
P1.193 V.D.Pustovitov Effect of the ferromagnetic wall on the plasma stability
P1.194 A.Sen Dynamical effects of sheared equilibrium flows on neoclassical tearing modes
P1.195 P.Angelino Plasma elongation and magnetic shear effects in nonlinear simulations of ITG-zonal flow turbulence
P1.196 F.Bombarda Groundwork for the Ignitor Experiment
P1.197 J.JuulRasmussen Blob dynamics in a hot plasma
P1.198 N.Joiner Transport enhancing features of ETG turbulence
P1.199 D.P.Brennan Resistive Stability of 2/1 Tearing Modes in DIII-D Plasmas With 1/1 Resonance

Session P2 (poster)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
P2.001 A.D.Fertman Stopping of Calcium ions in low density SiO_2 aerogels
P2.002 C.Fourment Experimental Characterization of Electron Heat Transport on the LIL Facility
P2.003 F.Detering Simulation of nonlinear, kinetic stimulated Brillouin scattering
P2.005 M.Tamas EUV spectroscopy of Nitrogen filled capillary discharge plasma
P2.006 MordecaiD.Rosen Analytic Expressions for Minimizing Hohlraum Wall Losses
P2.007 J.Kravarik Study DD-Neutrons in the Experiments on S-300 Pulsed Power Machine
P2.008 F.Girard Titanium lined hohlraums as multi-keV x-ray converters.
P2.009 A.V.Potapov X-ray Laser Generation under Two-Pulse Irradiation of Targets on Picosecond SOKOL-P Facility
P2.011 V.Yu.Politov X-ray radiation spectra of laser targets in experiments on SOKOL-P facility
P2.013 D.Batani About the temporal evolution of plasmas, produced by high-power laser
P2.017 O.Klimo Particle Simulation of High Current Electron Beam Propagation in Dielectrics
P2.018 T.Réveillé Plasma slab radiating pseudo-cavity mode in SRS-like behaviour for frequency difference less than the plasma frequency KEEN-type mode in relativiscally hot plasma
P2.019 T.Okada Energetic Proton Acceleration and Bunch Generation by Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses
P2.020 A.Abudurexiti High-Energy Ion Generation by an Intense Laser Pulse Irradiated on Overdense Plasmas
P2.021 F.Peano Kinetic Effects in the Collisionless Expansion of Spherical Nanoplasmas
P2.023 J.Badziak Production of collimated high-current ion beams using skin-layer ponderomotive acceleration at relativistic laser intensities
P2.024 F.Cornolti Charge state of a spherical plasma
P2.032 T.P.Peng Investigation of Tungsten Wire Array Implosions on Qiang-Guang I Facility
P2.033 V.T.Tikhonchuk Plasma jets produced in a single laser beam interaction with a planar target
P2.034 V.Turtikov Experimental set-up for Heavy-Ion-Beam Pumped Excimer Laser Experiment
P2.044 S.P.Banerjee An Extremely Large Beta Laboratory Plasma
P2.045 K.Kamataki Observation of the Drift Wave Instability in Bounded ECR Plasma
P2.048 E.A.Evangelidis Dynamics on a Surface of Equilibrium
P2.049 M.E.Dieckmann Simulation study of a two stream instability with a beam gamma 100
P2.050 A.V.Milovanov Trap-controlled conduction in disordered materials Self-organized criticality at play
P2.053 F.Pegoraro Variational approach to the study of axial symmetric MHD equilibrium flows
P2.054 T.S.Ramazanov Scattering processes in partially ionized plasma on the basis of the effective polarization potential
P2.056 F.Doveil Electron climbing a devil's staircase in wave-particle interaction
P2.059 B.Lembege Microturbulence in the foot of a supercritical shock evidence of electron cyclotron instability
P2.063 S.Longo Kinetic simulation of plasma injection in neutral gas
P2.065 R.S.Rawat Nano-phase network and nano-composite structure of FeCo synthesized using plasma focus
P2.067 F.Consoli Study and modelling of a high current ECR Ion Source
P2.072 G.G.Bondarenko Ion angle distribution at the target surface in pure gas direct current glow discharge
P2.073 M.Kraemer Investigations of negative oxygen ions in pulsed rf plasmas
P2.074 M.Kraemer Electron heating and plasma formation in a helicon discharge
P2.075 Jong-GuKwak Density Fluctuation Measurement in Helicon Plasma via mm-Wave Collective Scattering
P2.076 I.daS.Rego Population Inversion/Laser Oscillation Caused by Relaxation Time Difference with a Newly Developed Non-Diaphragm Shock Tube
P2.077 M.Eereek Properties of Multiple Double Layers In Negative Ion Plasma with a Bi-maxwellian Electron Population
P2.078 M.Shoucri An Eulerian Vlasov Code for the Numerical Solution of the Kinetic Sheath
P2.079 J.Ränsch FIR scattering on plasma crystals
P2.081 G.Thieme Cavity enhanced spectroscopy as a diagnostic for micro-particles levitated in a plasma
P2.082 H.Kersten Plasma sheath diagnostics by micro-particles of different sizes
P2.085 J.Vranjes Acoustic mode in partially ionized and dusty plasmas
P2.086 M.Watanabe Characteristics of VOC treatment using secondary emission electron gun
P2.087 J.Lin Synthesis of FeCo nanoparticle colloid by pulsed laser ablation
P2.088 J.E.Allen On the drag on an object immersed in a flowing plasma.
P2.089 A.A.Samarian Critical exponents for structural transitions in a complex plasma
P2.091 I.Kourakis A Mathieu equation for dust charge dynamics in multi-component dusty plasmas
P2.093 E.Giovannozzi Evidence of dust in FTU from Thomson Scattering diagnostic measurements
P2.095 B.Eliasson Dynamics of self-gravitating dust clouds in astrophysical plasmas
P2.096 W.Malfliet Analytical solutions of dust acoustic solitons
P2.101 J.D.Martin Positively charged dust in tokamaks
P2.104 I.Litovko Computer Simulation of Ion and Electron Beam Extraction and Transport
P2.112 Y.Turkin Assessment of physical models for the scaling of global confinement energy in W7-AS
P2.113 Yu.Turkin Transport simulations for W7-X
P2.114 A.Sengupta Equilibrium reconstruction on W7-X stellarator using Function Parametrization
P2.115 J.Geiger Equilibrium Calculations of HDH- and High-Beta Discharges in W7-AS Using the HINT2-Code
P2.116 C.Nuehrenberg 3-d linear MHD for acoustic modes and zonal flows
P2.117 J.Geiger Experimental observations and theoretical interpretation of anti-ballooning high-frequency Alfvenic activity in Wendelstein 7-AS
P2.119 J.Geiger MHD Equilibrium Calculation of Wendelstein 7-X
P2.120 F.Brochard Spatiotemporal investigation of nonlinear coupling and energy transfers in drift wave turbulence
P2.121 T.Windisch Intermittent radial transport in the linear VINETA device
P2.122 G.B.Warr New 28 GHz Plasma ECR Heating System for the WEGA Stellarator
P2.123 G.N.Kervalishvili Gyrofluid Turbulence Modeling of the Linear VINETA Device
P2.124 A.Stark Nonlinear excitation of low frequency waves in a amplitude modulated helicon plasma
P2.125 M.Krychowiak Population densities of atomic helium in the edge of high-temperature plasmas measured with laser-induced fluorescence
P2.126 R.Fischer Bayesian design of a multichannel interferometer
P2.127 R.Fischer Non-parametric profile gradient estimation
P2.128 P.Balan Fluctuation Measurements in the SOL of ASDEX Upgrade by Langmuir Probes
P2.130 A.C.C.Sips Role of the q-profile in improved H-modes at ASDEX Upgrade
P2.131 M.Reich Ion loss measurements with scintillator probes at JET and ASDEX Upgrade
P2.132 B.Kurzan Thomson Scattering Analysis of Large Scale Fluctuations In the ASDEX Upgrade Edge
P2.133 G.Kocsis Investigation of the Triggering Process of Pellet Induced ELMs
P2.134 R.Bilato Investigation of IC Heating Scenarios in ASDEX-Upgrade with the Full-Wave TORIC Package
P2.135 E.Wolfrum Helium Impurity Ion Densities Measured with Lithium Beam Charge Exchange Spectroscopy
P2.136 J.Schirmer Radial Correlation Length Measurements in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.138 H.Meister Effect of Density Peaking on Zeff Profiles In ASDEX Upgrade H-mode Discharges
P2.139 C.Konz Linear Edge Stability Analysis for Bootstrap Current Equilibria at ASDEX Upgrade
P2.140 L.D.Horton Edge Transport Barrier Characteristics of Improved H-modes In ASDEX Upgrade
P2.141 K.Sassenberg A characterisation of Alfvenic instabilities and use in the reconstruction of current density profiles at ASDEX Upgrade
P2.142 L.Vermare Studies of the beta dependence of transport in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.143 G.Sias Disruption prediction at ASDEX Upgrade using neural networks
P2.145 T.Kurki-Suonio Edge Fast Ion Distribution --Benchmarking ASCOT against Experimental NPA Data on ASDEX Upgrade
P2.146 S.daGraca Localization of MHD and Fast Particles Modes In ASDEX Upgrade Using Reflectometry
P2.147 M.Maraschek Optimisation of the control of Neoclassical Tearing Modes with ECCD in ASDEX Upgrade and ITER
P2.148 I.Radivojevic High Resolution Compact X-ray Spectrometer with Large Spherical Crystals for Ion Temperature Measurements
P2.149 V.Igochine Stochastization as a possible explanation for some fast MHD phenomena in ASDEX Upgrade
P2.150 P.T.Lang Dynamics of the Edge Barrier Collapse In Intrinsic and Pellet Triggered ELMs
P2.151 V.Hynoenen ASCOT Simulations of Fast Particle Effects on ASDEX Upgrade Edge
P2.152 A.Kraemer-Flecken Investigation of the poloidal GAM induced density fluctuation at TEXTOR
P2.153 G.Bertschinger Space resolved measurements of plasma parameters using x-ray spectroscopy of He-like argon
P2.155 C.Cloquet Multiscale analysis of the edge plasma turbulence in TEXTOR some preliminary results using the reciprocating probe
P2.156 O.Zimmermann Alfven-wave excitation by magnetic field perturbations at TEXTOR
P2.157 G.Telesca Investigation of carbon screening on TEXTOR with Dynamic Ergodic Divertor in 6/2 mode
P2.158 M.VanSchoor Turbulence simulations of a full poloidal cross section compared to Reynolds stress and zonal flows measured in the edge of TEXTOR.
P2.160 D.Kalupin Influence of convective heat losses on the H-mode power threshold
P2.161 D.Reiser Numerical study of drift wave turbulence in large magnetic islands
P2.162 S.A.Bozhenkov Observation of disruption mitigation experiments by an ultra fast framing camera.
P2.163 Y.Liang Experimental observations of the X-point collapse and secondary islands with a resonant rotating perturbation field in TEXTOR
P2.164 S.Soldatov Turbulence characteristics at the plasma edge in the limiter H-mode in TEXTOR
P2.165 G.Verdoolaege Optimization of the relative calibration for a visible bremsstrahlung Zeff diagnostic on TEXTOR via requirements of profile consistency
P2.167 C.Busch Experimental studies on the mechanism for the spin-up of poloidal rotation in ergodic plasmas at the tokamak TEXTOR
P2.168 Y.Marandet Charge exchange contribution to the Doppler spectra emitted by neutrals in tokamak edge plasmas
P2.169 A.J.H.Donne 2-D ECE Temperature Measurements inside Tearing Modes, Revealing the Suppression Mechanism by ECRH at TEXTOR.
P2.170 E.L.Tsakadze Progress on the Fast Ion Millimetre Wave CTS Diagnostics on TEXTOR and ASDEX Upgrade and status of the CTS design for ITER
P2.171 Z.Y.Cui Impurity Transport in HL-2A by Laser Blow-off
P2.172 Z.Cao Wall condition and density control in the HL-2A tokamak
P2.173 H.J.Sun Observation of MBI and Pellet Injection Penetration on HL-2A
P2.174 Y.D.Pan Fast bolometric measurement on the HL-2A tokamak
P2.176 H.Zhou Characteristic of Disruption on HL-2A
P2.177 Y-S.Na Modelling of Reversed Shear Scenarios in KSTAR
P2.178 H.K.Na Analysis of diagnostic cassette and development of divertor H-alpha monitor for KSTAR
P2.179 J.G.Bak Characteristics of the integration system for the KSTAR magnetic diagnostics
P2.180 B.H.Park Study on ICRH and FWCD for KSTAR Baseline Operation Period
P2.181 B.Wu Reverse Shear Discharge Simulation of EAST Tokamak
P2.184 L.C.Appel A Unified Approach to Equilibrium Reconstruction
P2.185 S.Nishimura Thermal Transport Effect on Stability of Drift-Tearing Mode
P2.186 J.Weiland Anomalous momentum transport due to drift waves in tokamaks
P2.187 M.Ramisch Transport reduction due to sheared ExB flow in the torsatron TJ-K
P2.188 K.C.Shaing Effects of Magnetic Island Induced Symmetry Breaking on Plasma Confinement and Island Evolution in Tokamaks
P2.189 W.Kernbichler Computation of neoclassical transport in stellarators using the full linearized Coulomb collision operator
P2.191 S.I.Krasheninnikov 2D modeling of blob dynamics in tokamak edge plasmas
P2.192 S.I.Krasheninnikov Modeling of dust particle transport in tokamaks
P2.193 S.Markelj Studies of hydrogen interaction with fusion relevant material
P2.194 S.Devaux Numerical simulations of the plasma-wall transition in a weakly collisional and magnetized plasma
P2.195 J.Brotankova A new probe-based method for measuring the diffusion coefficient in the tokamak edge region
P2.196 V.Piffl Measurements of line radiation power in the CASTOR tokamak

Session P4 (poster)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
P4.004 M.Cinalli Numerical simulation of the Pilot-PSI magnetized plasma jet
P4.005 A.D.Cheetham Traveling Wave Modes in a Helicon Plasma Source
P4.007 V.Scholtz The Study of Bactericidal Effects of Corona Discharge at Atmospheric Pressure
P4.008 K.Ronald Investigations on Pseudospark-based Electron and Ion Beam Generation and Applications
P4.009 A.Torre Laser generated plasma sources for EUV lithography and debris mitigation issue theoretical and experimental estimates at ENEA
P4.010 G.Dinescu Radiofrequency plasma torches al low and atmospheric pressure for surface treatments
P4.011 R.Schrittwieser Generation and Dynamics of Multiple Double Layers in Plasma
P4.013 I.Litovko Dynamics of nonlinear vortexes in high-current plasma lens
P4.014 V.Prukner Shock wave in water generated by corona-like multi-streamer discharge
P4.015 D.Anderson Microwave Breakdown in RF Devices
P4.016 A.Vesel Disturbance of the H-atom density caused by a catalytic probe
P4.017 R.Hrach Computational study of plasma-solid interaction in low-temperature plasma Surface processes at higher pressures
P4.018 R.Hrach Study of plasma-solid interaction in electronegative gases at medium pressures
P4.020 S.N.Antipov Experimental study of waves and instabilities in cryogenic dc discharge dusty plasmas
P4.021 M.Chaudhuri Electrostatic forces on particles in plasma in presence of an electric field
P4.022 O.S.Vaulina Effect of electrostatic plasma oscillations on the kinetic energy of a charged macroparticle in weakly ionized plasma
P4.023 A.M.Ignatov Oscillations of three-dimensional plasma clusters
P4.028 V.Yaroshenko Interaction forces between cluster particles in a dense plasma
P4.030 N.Vorona Experimental Investigation of Processes in Dusty Plasma Structures under Electron Beam Action
P4.031 T.S.Ramazanov Computer simulation of microscopic and transport properties of dusty plasma
P4.032 T.Antonova Natural oscillations in 3D plasma clusters
P4.033 S.A.Maiorov Charging of dust grain and screening in a plasma at cryogenic gas temperatures
P4.034 S.A.Maiorov Brownian motion of a dust grain in a plasma
P4.035 S.A.Maiorov Influence of the ion collisions on the interaction between dust grains and drag force
P4.037 A.Usachev Formation of boundary-free dust clusters in a uniform low pressure gas discharge plasma in the experiment Plasmakristall-4.
P4.040 M.Djebli Dusty plasma expansion in the presence of multi-ions species
P4.041 S.Ratynskaia Effect of dust on plasma fluctuation spectra
P4.042 L.Couedel Residual electric charges on dust grains at plasma extinction
P4.043 L.Couedel Formation of single-crystal silicon nanoparticles at very low gas temperature in a rf silane-based discharge
P4.053 V.A.Rantsev-Kartinov Skeletal structures in the images of cosmic dust clouds
P4.056 B.Reville The nonlinear amplification of magnetic fields by cosmic rays atsupernova remnant shocks
P4.057 I.Kourakis Nonlinear modulated electrostatic wavepackets in e-p-i plasmas or in pair-ion plasmas doped with a massive stationary charged component
P4.058 B.Lembege Full-particle 2-D Simulations of the curved terrestrial collisionless shock turbulence and kinetic effects
P4.059 VladimirP.Pavlenko Self-consistent model of electron drift mode turbulence
P4.060 S.L.McConville Observations of cyclotron instabilities in electron beams having a horseshoe velocity distribution
P4.061 I.Vorgul Analysis of horseshoe cyclotron maser instability
P4.064 K.V.Khishchenko Equation of state for metals based on Thomas-Fermi model
P4.066 R.DeMarco A Fermi-like model for wave-particle interaction in plasmas
P4.067 A.Mohri Nonneutral Plasma Confinement in a Spindle Cusp
P4.068 M.Cercek Potential formation in a bounded two-electron temperature plasma system - numerical solutions and PIC simulation
P4.071 M.E.Dieckmann Electron acceleration by a relativistic twostream instability with oblique B
P4.072 N.F.Loureiro FLR effects in nonlinear tearing mode reconnection
P4.073 P.K.Shukla Electrostatic and electromagnetic parallel electron velocity shear instabilities in magnetized plasmas
P4.074 M.Berta The spatial structure of flows, Reynolds stress and turbulence in CASTOR tokamak
P4.075 J.Stockel Absorption of suprathermal hydrogen particles at the CASTOR tokamak
P4.076 M.Hron Detailed measurements of momentum balance during the periodic collapse of a transport barrier
P4.080 V.Weinzettl Snake-like structures after pellet injection in the T-10 tokamak
P4.083 I.I.Orlovskiy Coupling of 2/1 and 3/2 tearing modes in T-10 tokamak
P4.085 V.G.Merezhkin Electron Energy Balance Near the Density Limit in T-10 and FTU OH Regimes
P4.086 N.A.Kirneva Influence of the Magnetic Shear and MHD Processes on Confinement Properties of T-10 Reversed Shear Plasmas.
P4.087 B.V.Kuteev Threshold Effects In Pellet-plasma Interaction In T-10 Tokamak
P4.089 A.V.Melnikov Investigation of the plasma potential behaviour at the periphery of the T-10 tokamak
P4.091 L.N.Khimchenko Surface structure measurements of deposits from CFC and W divertor armour materials sputtered in ELMs simulated experiment.
P4.092 V.Yu.Sergeev T-10 Discharge Control By Method of Lithium Pellet-injection and by Injection of Superdense Supersonic Gas Jets
P4.098 A.D.Gurchenko Poloidal Plasma Rotation Diagnostic at FT-2 Tokamak by the Upper Hybrid Resonance Backscattering
P4.099 S.I.Lashkul Investigation of the Statistical Properties of the Periphery Fluctuations at L H Transition on FT-2 Tokamak
P4.101 V.V.Postupaev Pellet Injection Experiments at GOL-3 Facility for Plasma Fueling and ITER ELM Simulation
P4.103 Yu.V.Petrov Plasma MHD Stability at Limiting Density on Globus-M.
P4.104 V.B.Minaev Study of the Neutral Beam Heated Plasma in the Globus-M Spherical Tokamak
P4.105 A.V.Voronin Progress of the Intense Jet Fuelling Source
P4.106 V.V.Bulanin Influence of low-frequency MHD bursts on plasma rotation near the peripheral transport barrier in TUMAN-3M tokamak
P4.107 I.Senichenkov On the Possibility of Tokamak Fueling By High Velocity Jet Produced By Plasma Gun
P4.108 V.P.Budaev Power laws in a problem of plasma-surface interaction
P4.109 V.P.Budaev Plasma Response on Penetration of External Rotating Helical Magnetic Field in HYBTOK-II Tokamak Edge Plasma
P4.111 H.Urano Characterization of H-mode pedestal width based on hydrogen and deuterium discharges in JT-60U
P4.112 H.Takenaga Impacts of particle fuelling on confinement and pedestal parameter in JT-60U
P4.113 S.Sakakibara Effect of Magnetic Shear and Resonant Magnetic Field on Low-m Mode In LHD
P4.114 C.A.Michael Characteristics of micro-turbulence in LHD from 2d CO2 phase contrast imaging
P4.115 S.Inagaki Electron Transport Dynamics in LHD Core Plasmas
P4.116 S.Kubo Density Clamping Phenomena by ECRH in LHD
P4.117 J.Garcia Analysis of bifurcation phenomena in the Large Helical Device
P4.118 R.Kumazawa Long Pulse Discharge of MW-ICRF Heated Plasma on the Large Helical Device
P4.119 T.Ido Development of 6 MeV Heavy Ion Beam Probe System on Large Helical Device
P4.120 C.Suzuki Radiation profile measurements for edge transport barrier discharges in the Compact Helical System
P4.121 S.Okamura Transport barrier physics study in Compact Helical System
P4.122 Y.Nakamura Time evolution of toroidal currents in helical plasmas
P4.123 M.Yoshida Investigation of Toroidal Rotation as a Result of Reduction of Toroidal Magnetic Field Ripple by Installing Ferritic Steel in JT-60U
P4.124 H.ZUSHI Dynamics of recycling processess responding to the local local particle and heat load perturbations on TRIAM-1M
P4.125 K.HANADA Current profile estimation using Hard X-ray measurement along the top and bottom identical line of sight on TRIAM-1M
P4.127 H.Koguchi Pellet injection and confinement in the TPE-RX, Reversed Field Pinch
P4.128 M.Yoshikawa Electron density fluctuation measurements in the tandem mirror GAMMA 10
P4.129 T.Kobayashi Development of collisional-radiative model for lower charge state of oxygen ions in GAMMA 10
P4.130 K.N.Sato Development of a Cryogenic Variable-Sized Pellet Injector for Pellet Ablation Studies
P4.131 R.Sakamoto Long-duration Sustainability of Pellet Fueled High Performance Plasma
P4.132 M.NagataA.HatuzakiM.SugawaraN.Fukumoto Compact torus injection into the HIST spherical torus plasmas
P4.133 N.Takei A Simulation Study on Stable Current Shutdown in Non-Inductive Reversed Shear Tokamak Discharges
P4.134 K.Sasaki Soft X-ray measurement in IRE on the TST-2 spherical tokamak
P4.135 Y.Nagashima Observation of nonlinear processes between coherent fluctuations and turbulent fluctuations in the edge regions of JFT-2M and CHS
P4.136 S.Masamune MHD mode control studies in medium- and low-aspect ratio RFP
P4.137 S.Kajita Effects of transient heat load on the tungsten surface having sub-micron helium holes and bubbles
P4.138 Y.Kawano Diagnostics of relativistic runaway electrons in a tokamak plasma based on laser inverse Compton scattering
P4.139 H.Mimata Finite Larmor Radius Effects on Ripple-Induced Alpha-Particle Diffusion in Spherical Tokamaks
P4.140 K.Saito The Universal Constant Connecting the Theta and F Values in Reversed Field Pinch Configurations on ATRAS-RFP Plasma
P4.141 M.Watanabe Self-organization and dynamo responses in the RFP plasma
P4.142 M.Aizawa Improvement of Particle Transport Properties in Low Aspect Ratio L 1 Helical Systems
P4.148 H.J.deBlank Paleoclassical Electron Transport Barriers in RTP
P4.149 M.Cecconello Current profile modifications with active feedback stabilization of resistive wall modes in a reversed field pinch
P4.150 R.Gatto Magnetic turbulent transport from self-consistent action-angle theory
P4.151 T.S.Hahm Turbulence Spreading through a Transport Barrier
P4.152 G.Y.Antar The Origin of Convecitve Structures in the Scrape-off layer of Linear Magnetic Fusion Devices Investigated by Fast Imaging
P4.153 F.Ogando Performance enhancements to ELMFIRE gyrokinetic code leading to new ranges of application
P4.155 S.Yu.Medvedev New Adaptive Grid Plasma Equilibrium Reconstruction Solver as Module of the SPIDER Code
P4.156 S.Futatani Turbulent Transport of Impurities in Plasma Edge Turbulence
P4.157 S.J.Janhunen Full f gyrokinetic modelling of neoclassical radial electric field
P4.158 S.Janhunen Full f gyrokinetic simulation of transport in tokamak plasmas
P4.160 B.Coppi Drift-Tearing and Electron Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence
P4.161 L.Primavera A numerical code for studying the compressible MHD turbulence in a Reversed Field Pinch device
P4.162 P.Morel The Water Bag model for gyrokinetic simulations
P4.163 H.Nordman ITG and TE mode turbulence and transport in advanced fluid descriptions
P4.164 W.Kernbichler Assessment of the trapped particle confinement in optimized stellarators
P4.165 E.Strumberger Analysis of beta-limits in tokamak reactor scenarios
P4.166 T.K.Soboleva Thermal instability of plasma-wall interaction
P4.167 T.K.Soboleva Plasma equilibrium for a strong coupling of parallel and ExB plasma flows
P4.168 B.I.Khripunov Powerful steady-state plasma interaction with fusion materials
P4.169 O.Marchuk Modelling of the plasma parameters in the divertor region close to MARFE
P4.171 D.Borodin Be light emission and transport in PISCES-B modelled by the ERO code
P4.174 M.F.Heyn Linear and Quasilinear Modeling of DED Induced Plasma Rotation
P4.175 I.Cadez Vibrational excitation of hydrogen molecules released from surfaces
P4.176 C.Costin Multi-channel analyser and perpendicular ion energy distribution in magnetised plasma
P4.177 T.V.Levchenko Redeposited thin film's islands structures formation induced by multiple pulse impacts
P4.178 H.Smith Runaway electrons and the evolution of the plasma current in tokamak disruptions
P4.179 A.Burdakov Effect of Fast Heating of Ions in Multimirror Trap
P4.181 V.E.Moiseenko Second harmonic heating of sloshing ions in a non-axisymmetric mirror
P4.182 D.H.McNeill Toroidal drift and heating of impurity ions
P4.183 T.Bergkvist Non-linear Alfvén Eigenmode Dynamics of a Burning Plasma in the Presence of Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating
P4.184 K.Holmström On the Dynamics of Alfvén Eigenmode Excitation
P4.185 A.Frattolillo Peaked Density Profiles and High Speed Pellet Injection for the Ignitor Burning Plasma Experiment
P4.186 J.C.Wright Fullwave coupling to a 3D antenna code using Green's function formulation of wave-particle response
P4.187 E.Faudot RF sheath rectification process in presence of transverse RF currents in the Ion Cyclotron Range of Frequencies
P4.190 M.Koubiti Investigation of collisional and electric field effects on the He I dielectronic recombination rates for magnetic fusion plasmas
P4.191 M.Drevlak Magnetic Coils for a High-beta Quasi-isodynamic Stellarator
P4.192 I.Teliban Application of super resolution method to Langmuir probe arrays
P4.193 R.S.Rawat Stability of high repetition rate plasma focus neutron source
P4.194 H-J.Woo LaB6 cathode for Divertor Plasma Simulator DiPS
P4.195 E.Blanco Study of Doppler reflectometry capability to determine the perpendicular velocity and the k-spectrum of the density fluctuations using a 2D full-wave code
P4.196 R.Schrittwieser Direct Measurements of the Plasma Potential by Katsumata-type Probes
P4.197 J.F.Lyon Optimizing Compact Stellarator Performance
P4.198 J.F.Lyon Recent Developments in Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator Physics and Design

Session P5 (poster)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
P5.001 M.Sinor Impact of Foam Structure and Composition on Laser Absorption and Energy Transfer
P5.002 J.Ramírez Numerical simulation with MULTI code vs. analytical model in ablative Rayleigh Taylor mode generation
P5.003 T.Desai Evolution of Microstructures In Laser Ablated Planar Targets
P5.004 R.Dezulian Equation of state data of plastic foams at Mbar pressures
P5.009 S.I.Krasheninnikov Propagation velocity of relativistic electron beam in gas
P5.010 M.Sugie Development of Electromagnetic Instabilities in the Interaction of Ultraintense Laser Pulses with Overdense Plasmas
P5.011 X.J.Zha Transport equations for high-current relativistic Electron beam in the presence of a background overdense plasma in ICF fast ignition
P5.012 F.Pegoraro Single-Cycle High-Intensity Electromagnetic Pulse Generation in the Interaction of a Plasma Wakefield with regular Nonlinear Structures
P5.013 R.A.Cairns F.BPIF-Fast ignition and related ultra-intense laser plasma interaction
P5.016 M.Marklund Nonlinear dynamics of interacting intense laser pulses in plasmas
P5.018 B.Ersfeld Thermal effects on Raman amplification in plasma
P5.022 M.Masek Kinetic simulations of electron gas in the presence of SRS
P5.023 O.Klimo Impact of Ionization on Fast Electron Emission Directions in High-Intensity Short-Pulse Laser-Target Interactions
P5.024 T.V.Liseykina Laser-triggered ion jets at moderate intensity and pulse duration
P5.027 K.Instrumentov Application of the multicriterion optimization techniques and hierarchy of computational models to the research of laser-plasma interaction
P5.030 C.Wang Dynamic Explosions of Laser-Irradiated Hydrogen and Methane Clusters
P5.031 S.I.Tkachenko Electrical conductivity of strongly coupled tungsten plasma measurements interpretation using different equations of state
P5.034 F.B.Rosmej Optical transitions of highly charged ions in high density laser produced plasmas
P5.035 J.Krasa Measurement of spatial distribution of D-D fusion neutron emission with the use of thermoluminescent dosimeters
P5.049 V.D.Levchenko Optimization of Laser Pulses Train for Accelleration of Charged Particles in Plasma by Wake Field using SUR/CA code
P5.052 J.W.S.Blokland PHOENIX MHD spectra of rotating laboratory and strophysical plasmas
P5.053 J.A.Petri Numerical solution of the linear dispersion relation in a relativistic pair plasma
P5.054 M.Jucker Large Scale Magnetic Field Structures In Nonuniform Unmagnetized Plasma
P5.055 Y.-J.Seo Measurement of Negative Ion Density by an Electric Probe with a New Analytic Formula
P5.056 F.Rosmej Influence of hot electrons on radiative properties of helium plasma in MISTRAL-B
P5.058 E.D.Fredrickson Observation of Hole-Clump Pair Generation by Global or Compressional Alfvén Eigenmodes
P5.059 S.Bastiani-Ceccotti Analysis of the X and time-resolved XUV emission of a laser produced Xe plasma
P5.063 R.Doron Properties of the electron energy distribution in plasma under pulsed magnetic fields
P5.064 I.Kim Magnetohydrodynamic Behaviour of Warm Dense Plasmas Created by Underwater Wire Explosion
P5.065 E.A.Evangelidis Particle orbits in an axisymmetric equilibrium plasma
P5.066 F.Peinetti New Particle-In-Cell algorithm for the study of high-amplitude Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal modes in magnetized electron plasmas
P5.068 A.Maluckov Wavelet Techniques for Coarse Projective Integration in Multiscale Plasma Dynamics
P5.070 G.Regnoli Microstability analysis of collisional plasmas
P5.072 C.Mazzotta Density profile studies of plasma with Lithium Limiter
P5.073 G.Fogaccia Particle simulations of energetic particle driven Alfven modes in JT-60U
P5.074 M.Romanelli Parametric Dependence of Turbulent Particle Transport in high collisionality plasmas on the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade FTU
P5.076 L.Gabellieri Investigation of Turbulent Transport of Heavy Impurities in FTU Electron Heated Plasmas
P5.077 G.Calabro Effect of the scattering from edge density fluctuations on the lower hybrid waves in FTU
P5.078 J.R.Martin-Solis Runaway current plateau formation during disruptions in the FTU tokamak
P5.079 M.C.Varischetti Slab ITG modes in the presence of a sheared ion velocity
P5.080 C.Riccardi Coherent structures in the simple magnetised Thorello plasma
P5.081 R.Barni Experimental investigation of plasma structure dynamics in a rotating magnetized plasma
P5.082 R.Lorenzini Particle transport in discharges with active mode control in the Reversed Field Pinch experiment RFX-mod
P5.083 L.Carraro Effects on impurity transport of the active control of the magnetic boundary in RFX-mod
P5.084 L.Carraro Confinement properties in RFX-mod with active control of the boundary magnetic field
P5.085 N.Vianello Turbulent energy transfer in the RFX-Mod device
P5.086 P.Piovesan Spontaneous transition to quasi-single helicity states in RFX-mod and MST
P5.087 T.Bolzonella Resistive Wall Mode growth and control in RFX-mod
P5.088 R.Paccagnella MHD fluctuations in a Reversed Field Pinch with different magnetic boundaries produced using an active feedback coils system
P5.089 A.Alfier Electron Temperature Profiles and Local Energy Transport In RFX-mod
P5.090 T.Bolzonella Oscillating Field Current Drive experiments in RFX-mod
P5.091 M.Zuin Investigation of high frequency magnetic fluctuations in the RFX-mod device
P5.092 L.Marrelli Experiments of active control of internal resistive MHD modes in RFX-mod
P5.093 F.Sattin Statistical features of edge turbulence in RFX-mod and TPE-RX from Gas Puffing Imaging
P5.094 M.Agostini Study of intermittent turbulence in the edge of RFX-mod by optical diagnostic
P5.095 R.Lorenzini Electron density behaviour during Dynamo Relaxation Events in Virtual Shell operation in RFX-mod
P5.096 G.Serianni Characterisation of the edge region of the RFX-mod device
P5.097 M.Spolaore Electrostatic and magnetic structures in the edge region of RFX-mod experiment
P5.098 H.Lutjens Non-linear simulation of double-tearing modes in fully non-inductive discharges
P5.100 G.Ciraolo Spreading of Edge Plasma Turbulence In Transport Barriers
P5.101 A.Sirinelli Turbulence measurements and local transport analysis in dedicated beta scan in Tore-Supra L-mode discharges
P5.102 T.Parisot Charge and electron density dependences of anomalous impurity transport in Tore Supra
P5.103 I.Nanobashvili Bursty radial transport events and their influence on scrape-off layer width in the Tore Supra tokamak
P5.105 N.Commaux Pellet fuelling experiments above the Greenwald density in Tore Supra
P5.107 D.Elbèze Integration of the new reflected channels of the Tore Supra polarimeter for current profile analysis
P5.108 V.Petrzilka Energy Distribution Measurements of Fast Particles Generated in Front of the LH Grill Mouth in Tore Supra
P5.110 K.Takeda Nonlinear evolution of magnetic islands in a turbulent plasma
P5.111 J.H.Belo Coupling studies of the C3 Tore Supra LH multijunction
P5.112 T.M.Biewer L-to-H power threshold comparisons between NBI and rf heated plasmas in the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P5.113 B.A.Nelson Solenoid-free Plasma Start-up in HIT-II and NSTX using Transient CHI
P5.116 R.Maingi Magnetic Field Line Tracing Calculations for Conceptual PFC Design in the National Compact Stellarator Experiment
P5.117 M.G.Bell New Capabilities and Results for the National Spherical Torus Experiment
P5.119 O.Grulke Scaling of radial turbulent structure velocities in the tokamak SOL
P5.120 D.Stutman Perturbative studies of electron transport in NSTX
P5.121 M.C.Zarnstorff Magnetic Alignment of NCSX and Control of Field Errors
P5.122 N.Pomphrey Magnetic Flux Loop Design for NCSX
P5.124 P.Martin High-frequency magnetic activity in MST
P5.126 J.K.Anderson RF Heating and Current Drive Experiments on the Madison Symmetric Torus Reversed Field Pinch
P5.128 L.D.Pearlstein Calculation of Neutral Beam Injection Into SSPX
P5.129 R.D.Wood Spheromak Buildup in SSPX using a Modular Capacitor Bank
P5.130 J.A.Snipes Moderate Toroidal Mode Number Alfvén Eigenmode Damping Rate Measurements on Alcator C-Mod
P5.132 M.Porkolab Recent ICRF Results in Alcator C-Mod
P5.133 J.W.Hughes H-mode pedestal and core plasma response to gas fueling on the Alcator C-Mod tokamak
P5.134 V.S.Voitsenya The properties of contaminated films deposited on in-vessel mirrors in Large Helical Device, Tore Supra, TCV and TRIAM-1M
P5.135 J.S.deGrassie Prompt, Collisionless Toroidal Momentum Balance with Short Neutral Beam Pulses in DIII-D
P5.136 E.M.Hollmann DIII-D Studies of Massive Gas Injection Fast Shutdowns for Disruption Mitigation
P5.137 D.A.Humphreys Predictive Modeling of Plasma Halo Evolution in Post-Thermal Quench Disrupting Plasmas
P5.138 C.C.Petty MSE Measurements of NTM Structure and Suppression With ECCD
P5.139 D.M.Thomas Edge Current Growth and Saturation During the Type I ELM Cycle
P5.141 R.A.Moyer Edge Localized Mode Control in DIII-D Using Magnetic Perturbation-Induced Pedestal Transport Changes
P5.143 G.L.Jackson Experiments and Modeling Using Resistive Wall Mode Feedback Control in DIII-D
P5.144 J.A.Boedo Modification of Edge Plasma Turbulence by External Magnetic Perturbations
P5.145 P.C.Stangeby 13C-Tracer Experiments in DIII-D Preliminary to Thermal Oxidation Experiments to Understand Tritium Recovery in DIII-D, JET, C-Mod, and MAST
P5.146 C.E.Kessel Modeling of Fast Wave Heating and Current Drive in DIII-D High Performance Plasmas
P5.147 M.Choi Effects of Fast Ions Produced by Fast Wave Heating in Neutral Beam Injected Plasma on Sawteeth Activities in the DIII-D Tokamak
P5.148 M.A.Makowski Analysis and Modeling of DIII-D Hybrid Discharges and their Extrapolation to ITER
P5.150 V.E.Lukash Progress on Combined DINA-CH and CRONOS Simulator
P5.152 G.T.A.Huysmans Integrated Tokamak Modeling Taskforce The Integrated Modeling Project on Equilibrium and Linear MHD Stability
P5.154 R.Numata Bifurcation structure in resistive drift wave turbulence
P5.155 J.-E.Dahlin Improved Computer Simulations of Energy Confinement in the Advanced Reversed-Field Pinch
P5.156 E.V.vanderPlas Contour dynamics modelling of collisionless magnetic reconnection
P5.157 C.V.Atanasiu A model for resistive wall mode control
P5.158 A.Fredriksen Coherent structures in sheared velocity flow
P5.159 F.Villone Inclusion of 3D Effects of Conducting Structures in the Analysis of RWM
P5.160 D.A.D'Ippolito Blob Transport at High Collisionality and the SOL Density Limit
P5.161 M.Baudach Decomposition measurements of hydrocarbons in PSI-II
P5.162 K.J.Giannasi Intermittent radial transport on the ULS linear plasma device
P5.164 M.Baeva Effect of the vibrational relaxation in detached hydrogen plasma
P5.165 I.S.Landman Plasma transport modelling with multiple-mapping magnetic surfaces
P5.166 R.Kochergov Implementation of plasma diffusion models in the code TOKES
P5.167 H.J.deBlank Carbon exposed to the intense hydrogen plasma jet of Pilot-PSI
P5.168 G.Popa Floating-sheath formation in a collisional magnetized plasma
P5.170 A.Drenik Measurements of Probability for Heterogeneous Recombination of Hydrogen Atoms on Surfaces of Fusion Relevant Materials
P5.171 J.Urban Interpretation of EBW simulation and comparison with NSTX
P5.173 P.Lalousis Interactions of two opposite moving pellets in the poloidal plane
P5.174 M.Koubiti New calculations of Stark profiles of neutral helium lines
P5.175 K.Ronald Helically corrugated waveguides for compression of frequency swept microwave pulses
P5.176 M.Nakamura Use of a gamma-ray generating nuclear reaction for detecting the alpha-particle knock-on effect

Session D1 (Post Deadline Monday)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
D1.001 B.Reville A current driven instability in parallel, relativistic shocks
D1.003 V.S.Udintsev Oscillations of Electron Temperature and Their Interplay with MHD in the Presence of Internal Transport Barriers on TCV
D1.004 P.Martin Neoclassical Tearing Modes and Fast Ions Confinement in ASDEX Upgrade
D1.005 S.Hacquin New X-mode reflectometry measurements of Alfven Eigenmodes on the JET tokamak

Session D2 (Post Deadline Tuesday)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
D2.001 N.F.Cramer Nonlinear electromagnetic waves in electron-positron plasmas
D2.002 N.Yamaguchi Space-resolving spectroscopy of atmospheric plasma jet source
D2.003 A.S.Ivanov Dust Particles' Oscillations and Kinetic Temperature in Dusty Plasma
D2.005 CristianP.LUNGU Optical emission diagnostic of thermionic vacuum arc plasma during beryllium film formation

Session D4 (Post Deadline Thursday)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
D4.002 E.Stoffels Electric Field Measurement using Stark Spectroscopy
D4.003 M-J.Lee Landau Damping of Dust Acoustic Waves in a Lorentzian Plasma

Session D5 (Post Deadline Friday)
PaperID Author PosterTitle
D5.002 D.Ning The Simulation and Analysis of the Z-pinch Experiments on Qiang-
D5.006 D.Margarone X-ray and optical spectroscopy from laser generating pulsed plasma
D5.007 B.Hidding Quasi-Monoenergetic Electron Acceleration The Self-Modulated Multi-Bubble Regime
D5.010 D.Akbar Effects of Non-uniform Dc Glow Discharge System on Argon Positive Column Plasma
D5.011 CristianP.LUNGU Thermionic vacuum arc and plasma spray processing
D5.013 A.Fruchtman Neutral depletion in a collisionless plasma
D5.015 K.Crombe Poloidal rotation velocity in JET advanced mode plasmas using charge exchange recombination spectroscopy
D5.016 P.Piovesan Experimental MHD studies of enhanced confinement reversed-field pinch plasmas
D5.017 A.Yu.Popov On O-X Mode Conversion in a Cold Magnetized 2D Inhomogeneous Plasma
D5.018 R.Dejarnac Self-consistent 2D calculation of plasma deposition in tile gaps
D5.019 F.Volpe Weakly relativistic dielectric tensor for arbitrary wavenumbers
D5.020 F.Hajakbari Study of Runaway Electrons in the Iran Tokamak 1 IR-T1
D5.021 T.Zivkovic The Helimak transport dynamics- low dimensional chaos or coloured noise
D5.022 A.Hojabri Study of Resonance Helical Field on the Zeff and Impurity Radiation in IR-T1 Tokamak
D5.023 M.Marinucci Energy balance of FTU discharges with lithizated walls
D5.024 A.B.Borisov Single-Pulse Measurements of Ultrabright Xe L X-Ray Pulses from Optimized Relativistic Channels
D5.026 V.Nassisi On temperature measurements in a non-equilibrium plasma
D5.027 M.M.Vasiliev Vortices in DC discharge dusty plasmas one mechanism and 3D diagnostics
D5.028 K.B.Statsenko Structure and Melting of 3D Anisotropic dusty Crystals in DC Glow Discharges
D5.030 D.Durante An accurate Riemann solver for Godunov methods accounting for relativistic effects
D5.031 F.Guzman Partial and Total Electron capture Cross Sections in B5 ,Ne10 H 2s Collisions for Plasma Diagnostics